British Harness Racing Club Performance Report (Horse)
Date: 30-03-2015
Time: 10:35

Horse Id 5755Personal Best 02:03:40Date From :
Horse Brywins Unicorn [07] - PFTotal Prize Money £2,050.00Date To :
Sire Gothic DreamNo of Wins 5      13.51%
Dam Universal MissNo of Races 37
Sex Horse
Age 6

DateTrack NameRace NamePositionTimePrize MoneyDriverWritten Form
13-07-2013Amman ValleyS4C WELSH CUP FINAL 2013800:00:00£0Emma Langford 
13-07-2013Amman ValleyS4C WELSH CUP - HEAT 1200:00:00£60Emma Langford 
06-07-2013Ceredigion (Tan Y Castell)TRAVIS PERKINS - HEAT 3300:00:00£65Jaimie N Davies 
30-06-2013Amman ValleyLLANDOVERY TYRES GRADE 2 AND 3400:00:00£0Emma Langford 
19-06-2013CilmeryPREFERRED FINAL500:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
19-06-2013CilmeryHEAT 4 - GRADE 3 AND 4200:00:00£100Jaimie N Davies 
16-06-2013Amman ValleyGRADE 3 TO 5600:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
12-06-2013WaltonGRADE 2 AND 3AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
02-06-2013Leominster (WWHRA)GRADE 2 AND 3700:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
05-08-2012Aberystwyth (Tan Y Castell)HEAT 2 - GRADE 3300:00:00£70Jaimie N Davies 
22-07-2012Allensmore (H&B HRC)CALL AT LOCKS GARAGE THEY'VE GOT EVERYTHING102:14:10£200Jaimie N Davies 
07-07-2012Amman ValleyM&D SERVICES GROUND MAINTENANCE GRADE 2800:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
01-07-2012Amman ValleyGRADE 2 AND 3500:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
16-06-2012Amman ValleyTREVOR JULIE & JULIAN PRICE GRADE 2 TO 4300:00:00£30Jaimie N Davies 
25-09-2011Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 3 PACE102:09:10£280Jaimie N Davies 
25-09-2011Almeley (WWHRA)SIX FURLONGS PACE300:00:00£40Jaimie N Davies 
18-09-2011Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 3 AND 4 PACE500:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
29-08-2011Amman ValleyAMMAN VALLEY BOOKMAKERS FINAL200:00:00£60Jaimie N Davies 
29-08-2011Amman ValleyHEAT 1 - CELTIC ENERGY102:03:40£200Jaimie N Davies 
26-08-2011TregaronGRADE 1 AND 2 PACE - DIVISION 3200:00:00£80Jaimie N Davies 
21-08-2011BoughroodGRADE 2 AND 3 - DIVISION 2700:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
14-08-2011Allensmore (H&B HRC)MARVELLOUS DEBBIE MORRIS GRADE 2 AND 3 PACENR00:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
10-08-2011Amman ValleyGRADE 1 AND 2 PACEAR00:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
07-08-2011Aberystwyth (Tan Y Castell)GRADE 1 AND 2 - DIVISION 2400:00:00£25Jaimie N Davies 
31-07-2011Amman ValleyGRADE 1 PACEAR00:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
24-07-2011Allensmore (Marshfield)JUST A CHANCE GRADE 1AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
13-07-2011Amman ValleyRHYDS LLEWELLYN & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS400:00:00£20Jaimie N Davies 
10-07-2011Allensmore (H&B HRC)THE STRICKLAND ARE ALL STARS PACE - GRADE 1 DIV 2AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N Davies 
12-09-2010LlanandrasGRADE 2 PACE800:00:00£0Angharad Frieze 
28-08-2010TregaronGRADE 2 PACE300:00:00£60Jaimie N Davies 
22-08-2010BoughroodGRADE 1 - DIV 1102:23:03£350Jaimie N Davies 
16-08-2010Amman ValleyCELTIC ENERGY GRADE 1 PACE9900:00:00£0Angharad Frieze 
15-08-2010Allensmore (H&B HRC)MATT COLDRICK GRADE 1 PACE - DIV 2200:00:00£75Angharad Frieze 
08-08-2010Aberystwyth (Tan Y Castell)GRADE 1 PACE700:00:00£0Angharad Frieze 
31-07-2010PembridgeTHE TOM HARPER MEMORIAL GRADE 0 PACE - DIV 2102:16:01£175Angharad Frieze 
25-07-2010Allensmore (H&B HRC)GRADE 0 - DIVISION 3NR00:00:00£0Angharad Frieze 
12-07-2010Amman ValleyDESIGNZ SIGNS GRADE 0 PACE - DIV 2200:00:00£60Jaimie N Davies 
04-07-2010Aberystwyth (Tan Y Castell)BOOKMAKER GRADE 0 PACE - DIVISION 4200:00:00£100Wm Brian Davies 
20-06-2010Ffos Las3YO DERBY TRIAL600:00:00£0Wm Brian Davies