British Harness Racing Club Performance Report (Horse)
Date: 08-02-2016
Time: 3:41

Horse Id 5893Personal Best 02:09:60
Horse Style Matters (07)Total Prize Money £1,100.00
Sire Sable MattersNo of Wins 4      16.00%
Dam Style CouncilNo of Races 25
Sex Gelding
Age 8

DateTrack NameRace NamePositionTimePrize MoneyDriverOwnerTrainerWritten Form
27-09-2015Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 2 TO 5 HANDICAP PACE800:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
20-09-2015Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 2 AND 3 HANDICAP PACE300:00:00£30Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
13-09-2015Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 2 PACE200:00:00£50Michael O'MahonyLowri JonesLowri Jones 
27-08-2015TregaronSTRATA FLORIDA - HEAT 1900:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
16-08-2015Amman ValleyGRADE 1 AND 2 HANDICAP PACE500:00:00£0Michael O'MahonyLowri JonesLowri Jones 
02-08-2015Aberystwyth (Tan Y Castell)TAN Y CASTELL OPEN PACE (2&3) - DIVISION 1300:00:00£50Michael O'MahonyLowri JonesLowri Jones 
25-07-2015PembridgePEMBRIDGE GRADE 1 AND 2 HANDICAP200:00:00£50D. Gareth PriceLowri JonesLowri Jones 
25-07-2015PembridgePEMBRIDGE CONSOLATION PACE - GRADE 1 TO 6102:19:50£30Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
19-07-2015Allensmore (H&B HRC)SAUNDERS DRAGONS L GRADE 1 PACE400:00:00£0Michael O'MahonyLowri JonesLowri Jones 
04-07-2015Ceredigion (Tan Y Castell)TEIFY FORGE GRADE 1 - DIVISION 2AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
21-09-2014Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 1 - DIVISION 2200:00:00£50Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
14-09-2014Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 1 AND 2 HANDICAP300:00:00£15Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
07-09-2014LlanandrasGRADE 1 - DIVISION 2200:00:00£50Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
31-08-2014LampeterGRADE 1 - DIVISION 3102:24:10£300Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
23-08-2014TregaronGRADE 1 - DIVISION 2600:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
17-08-2014BoughroodGRADE 1 - DIVISION 5AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
03-08-2014Aberystwyth (Tan Y Castell)TAN Y CASTELL TROT GRADE 1 - DIVISION 3AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesLowri Jones 
01-09-2013LampeterGRADE 1 - DIVISION 3AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesNeville Thomas 
07-07-2012Amman ValleyAMMAN VALLEY BOOKMAKERS GRADE 1NR00:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesNeville Thomas 
01-07-2012Amman ValleyGRADE 1 - DIVISION 1800:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesNeville Thomas 
18-09-2011Almeley (WWHRA)GRADE 1 - DIVISION 3AR00:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesDiane E Thomas 
11-09-2011LlanandrasGRADE 1 AND 2 - DIVISION 1102:25:80£275Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesDiane E Thomas 
03-09-2011LampeterGRADE 1 - DIVISION 1300:00:00£50Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesDiane E Thomas 
26-08-2011TregaronGRADE 1 - DIVISION 1500:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesDiane E Thomas 
21-08-2011BoughroodGRADE 1 - DIVISION 4500:00:00£0Jaimie N DaviesLowri JonesDiane E Thomas 
14-08-2011Allensmore (H&B HRC)NEWBRIDGE STONE GRADE 0 MILE102:09:60£150Rhys A EvansLowri JonesDiane E Thomas