2018 Fixtures



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6th Thu Longnor 2pm
8th Sat TIR PRINCE 7pm – CoG Final, Billy Williams, Le Trot
8th Sat Stanhope 3.30pm
9th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
9th Sun WWHRA @ Almeley 2pm
15th Sat EVHRA @ Wolsingham 4pm – Charity Event
15th Sat WWHRA @ Almeley 1pm – Joint with WBCRA
15th Sat CORBIEWOOD 2pm – Murdock Weekend
16th Sun CORBIEWOOD 2pm – Murdock Weekend
22nd Sat Evenwood @ Binchester
23rd Sun Corbiewood 2pm
23rd Sun WWHRA @ Almeley 2pm
30th Sun Corbiewood 2pm

7th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
14th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
21st Sun Corbiewood 2pm

Previous Fixtures:
15th Sun Amman Valley – Quals & Work Outs – Cancelled
17th Tues Tir Prince – Quals & Work Outs – Cancelled
22nd Sun Corbiewood – Quals & Work Outs – Cancelled
22nd Sun Amman Valley 11am – Quals & Work Outs
22nd Sun Evenwood @ Binchester – Cancelled
24th Tues Tir Prince 2pm – Quals & Work Outs
29th Sun Amman Valley 11am – Quals & Work Outs
29th Sun Evenwood @ Binchester – Quals & Work Outs – Cancelled
12th Sat Tregaron – Senior Dragon & Spring Hcap
13th Sun Corbiewood – Qualifiers & Work Outs

5th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – Anto Russell & SS 4YO
6th Sun Corbiewood – Cancelled
7th BH Mon Amman Valley – Cancelled
7th BH Mon Evenwood @ Darlington – Cancelled
15th Tues Tir Prince 3pm – Qualifying & Work Outs
18th Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm
20th Sun Evenwood – Cancelled
20th Sun WWHRA @ Presteigne 2pm
24th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
25th Fri WWHRA @ Presteigne – Cancelled
27th Sun APPLEBY SPRING 1.30pm
28th BH Mon APPLEBY SPRING 1.30pm
28th BH Mon Amman Valley 2pm

1st Fri Corbiewood – Cancelled
3rd Sun APPLEBY NEW FAIR 1.30pm
3rd Sun Amman Valley 2pm – Star Maker Heat
8th Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm – Star Maker Heat
9th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – NWHOA 2YO, CoG Heat, Le Trot, Star Maker Heat
10th Sun WWHRA @ Evenjobb 2pm – Star Maker Heat
15th Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm – SHRC 3YO
16th Sat Cumberland Show @ Carlisle 5pm
17th Sun Cilmery 2pm – Heats & Final
17th Sun Amman Valley – Cancelled
19th Tues Tir Prince – Quals & Works Outs 2pm
21st Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm – Star Maker Heat
24th Sun Hellifield 2.30pm – Hcap Heats & Final
24th Sun WWHRA @ Evenjobb 2pm
24th Sun H&B HRC – Cancelled
28th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
30th Sat TIR PRINCE 7pm – NPF, NPD & BPC

1st Sun Pikehall 2pm – High & Low Grade Hcap, Star Maker Heat
1st Sun Amman Valley 2pm
5th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
7th Sat CEREDIGION 1pm
8th Sun CEREDIGION 1pm
12th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm – Breeders Crown Heats
14th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – SS 3YO, CoG Heat, Breeders Crown Heats
15th Sun NESA @ Wolsingham 2pm
15th Sun H&B HRC @ Ivington 2pm
19th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
20th Fri MUSSELBURGH 5.30pm – Hurricane Pace
21st Sat MUSSELBURGH 1.30pm – Famous Musselburgh Pace
22nd Sun H&B HRC @ Ivington 2pm
26th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
28th Sat TIR PRINCE 7pm – Breeders Crown & CoG Heat
28th Sat Pembridge – Cancelled
29th Sun Evenwood @ Binchester 2pm – Cancelled
29th Sun Amman Valley 2pm

3rd Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm
4th Sat Corbiewood 2pm
5th Sun Tan Y Castell 2pm
5th Sun Evenwood @ Binchester
9th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
11th Sat Pikehall – Cancelled
12th Sun H&B HRC @ Ivington 2pm
16th Thu Corbiewood – Cancelled
18th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – CoG Heat, STAGBI Mares
19th Sun Boughrood 1pm – Ladies Race, £2k Final
19th Sun Bells Field 2pm
20th Mon Scorton – Cancelled
22nd Wed Evenwood @ Binchester
23rd Thu Corbiewood 7pm
25th Sat TREGARON 1pm – Strata Florida, Junior Dragon, FFA
26th Sun TREGARON 1pm – Welsh Classic, Trot, Little Dragon
27th BH Mon BROUGH @ Appleby 1.30pm
27th BH MON Amman Valley – Cancelled
28th Tue Kilnsey 4.45pm
30th Thu Corbiewood 7pm

1st Sat Wolsingham 3.45pm
1st Sat Tir Prince 7pm – SS 2YO, Le Trot
2nd Sun Haugh Field 2pm
2nd Sun Lampeter 2pm – £1k Final

BH = Bank Holiday
* = Provisional Meetings
BC – Breeders Crown
CoG – Crock of Gold
SS – Sire Stakes
VDM – Vincent Delaney Memorial


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