Group Races 2017


Race Group Winner
 2YO BHRC National Pacing Futurity Fillies  1  Greenhill Hanover (US)
 2YO BHRC National Pacing Futurity Colts & Geldings  1  DKS Happy Forever
 3YO BHRC National Pacing Oaks  1  Greenhill Debateable (US)
 3YO BHRC National Pacing Derby  1  Rhyds Rock Star
 British Pacing Classic  1  No Race Ran
 2YO Junior Welsh Dragoness  1  Greenhill Hanover (US)
 2YO Junior Welsh Dragon  1  Merrington Movinup
 3YO Little Welsh Dragoness  1  Lyons Lememay
 3YO Little Welsh Dragon  1  No Brakes
 4YO Senior Welsh Dragon (Colts, Geldings & Fillies)  1  Party At The Spa (US)
 2YO Breeders Crown Fillies  1  Rhyds Shoofly
 2YO Breeders Crown Colts & Geldings  1  Matticulous
 3YO Breeders Crown Fillies  1  Lyons Lememay
 3YO Breeders Crown Colts & Geldings  1  Rhyds Rock Star
 Welsh Classic Final  1  Meldoon
 Crock of Gold Final  1  Miraculous & Evenwood Sonofagun (Dead Heat)
 Appleby Spring Handicap Monday Final  1  Happy Hands
 Famous Musselburgh Pace Final  1  Evenwood Sonofagun
 Ceredigion Handicap Final  1  Evenwood Sonofagun

Race Group Winner
 2YO NWHOA Fillies  2  Robyn Camden
 2YO NWHOA Colts & Geldings  2  Rhyds Star Quality
 3YO NWHOA Fillies  2  Lyons Lememay
 3YO NWHOA Colts & Geldings  2  Rhyds Rock Star
 2YO SHRC Futurity Fillies, Colts & Geldings  2  Greenhill Hanover (USA)
 3YO Appleby Pace  2  Springhill Glory
 Appleby Handicap Sunday Final  2  Greentree Serenity
 Hurricane Pace Final  2  Rhyds Passion
 Boughrood Final  2  Llwyns Delight
 Bells Field Final  2  Mikey Camden
 Strata Florida Final  2  Southern Sunshine
 Ceredigion FFA  2  Miraculous
 2YO Ceredigion Fillies  2  Robyn Camden
 2YO Ceredigion Colts & Geldings  2  Matticulous
 3YO Ceredigion Fillies  2  Rhyds Mystique
 3YO Ceredigion Colts & Geldings  2  Springhill Glory