BHRC Guidelines for New Licence Holders

To be ready and registered for racing persons must be licensed with the BHRC and have horses registered in their ownership at STAGBI. The following is issued as a guide to completing relevant applications. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the BHRC Office on 01974 298 367.

To register as an Owner:
Persons wishing to race a horse under BHRC must, as a minimum, be registered as an Owner. The following application form should be completed:
LINK – Owners Application Form
Two referees are required, preferably persons connected with Harness Racing and holding current licences, or alternatively persons holding professional qualifications.
Applicants must be aged 18 years or over.

To register as a Trainer:
Persons wishing to train their own horse must be registered with a Trainer Permit licence.
As part of the application for a trainer licence the applicant will be required to demonstrate that they are capable of correctly gearing and harnessing a race horse for competition. Such demonstrations are carried out in front of BHRC officials, usually on qualifying or race dates. For advise on tracks to attend and dates contact the BHRC Office (01974 298 367).
The following application form is required:
LINK – Trainer Application Form
Applicants must be aged 18 years or over.

To register as a Driver:
Persons wishing to register to drive their own horses must first obtain a Provisional Licence and pass a driving test. In order to obtain a Provisional licence the applicant will be required to demonstrate their driving skills and ability before BHRC officials.
Applicants should complete Page 1 of the following form:
LINK – Provisional Licence Application
This form should be submitted to the BHRC with relevant fees (see below) and the BHRC Office will arrange a date and track for the demonstration with the applicant. Once deemed suitable by the necessary officials, the applicant will be issued with a Provisional Driver licence which entitles them to compete in qualifiers only and to work out prior to qualifiers. A minimum of three drives are then required in qualifying races prior to a driving test. Persons successfully passing a driving test can then apply for a C Class licence for driving in betting races.
Applicants must be aged 15 years or over.
Persons previously having held a driver licence and returning after five or more years should complete the following form:
LINK – Driver Reassessment Form
The applicant will be required to demonstrate their driving skills and ability before BHRC officials. Successful persons will have their driver licence reissued at a lesser grade to that previously held. There will not be a requirement to compete in qualifying races unless directed by the officials.

Fees under BHRC.   Rates are:
Annual Registration (compulsory) – £50
Public Liability Insurance Cover – £0 (included in licence)
Personal Accident Insurance (drivers only) – £0 (included in licence)
(The BHRC magazine is available to non members at an additional cost of £10 per edition/£40 per year or £15 per edition (IRELAND)/ £60 per year IRELAND)

Completed documentation for licences should be returned, with relevant fees, to:
Delfryn, Llwynpiod, Llangeitho, Tregaron, Ceredigion, SY25 6TA

It is a requirement that all horses are registered to the current owner and the passport is registered with the relevant authority.
For horses foaled in or imported to Great Britain, the relevant authority is STAGBI.

For horses recently imported from the EU, the Health Documents and passport must be submitted along with the registration form:
LINK – STAGBI Application REG EU IMPORTED Horse (Jan 2017)

Persons applying to register an imported horse must also be a member of STAGBI. To apply for membership complete the following form:
LINK – STAGBI Membership Application

Rates to complete registration are:
Annual Membership – £10 (or Gold Membership @ £40 for 5 years)
Horse Registration – £50 (within 30 days of import – fees increase after one month, see form for details)

To complete the registration process, an Export Certificate is required from the registration body in the country of export. For horses under the TROTBritain / Le Trot initiative, these will be applied for and sent direct to STAGBI.

Completed documentation for horse registration should be sent, with relevant fees, to:
STAGBI, Dulais Centre, Pontfaen Road, Lampeter, SA48 7BN

Persons who have purchased a horse which has already raced under BHRC will be required to obtain STAGBI membership and submit a Transfer of Ownership application. Forms for Transfer of Ownership are available from STAGBI, contact:- 07851 438805 or email

BHRC: 01974 298 367 or
STAGBI: 07851 438805 or
TROTBritain: Facebook LINK


To be eligible for entry ALL horses must:
[a] be registered with STAGBI (or an internationally recognised harness racing authority or have its European Passport ratified by STAGBI)
[b] be identified by a microchip
[c] have current Flu vaccination Certificate complying with BHRC criteria
[d] have been declared in training for at least 28 days
[e] owner and trainer recorded and licensed

To apply for a Race Fee:
First Application -
[a] complete a Race Fee application form (LINK to form)
[b] send completed form along with required paperwork to BHRC office via email (, text (07834539292), fax (01974 298 089) or alternatively by post to BHRC, Delfryn, Llwynpiod, Llangeitho, Tregaron, Ceredigion, SY25 6TA
[c] Payment of £80 per horse to be submitted to BHRC (payments can be made by cheque, over the telephone with debit/credit card or by BACS transfer)

A horses passport MUST accompany the horse whenever it travels – even when going to track to work out etc. If you do not have your horses passport when travelling you risk a fine.