Group Races 2022


Race Group Winner
 2YO BHRC National Pacing Futurity Fillies  1  Louisville
 2YO BHRC National Pacing Futurity Colts & Geldings  1  Ernie Will
 3YO BHRC National Pacing Oaks Division 1  1  Louisiana
 3YO BHRC National Pacing Oaks Division 2  1  Rhyds Scoundrel
 British Pacing Classic  1  Coalford Tetrick
 2YO Junior Welsh Dragoness  1  Oakwood Lucy Lou (IRE)
 2YO Junior Welsh Dragon  1  Rhyds Applered
 3YO Little Welsh Dragoness  1  Oakwood Banba (IRE)
 3YO Little Welsh Dragon  1  Oakwood Ardan (IRE)
 4YO Senior Welsh Dragon (Fillies, Colts & Geldings)  1  Apopka G
 2YO Breeders Crown Fillies  1  Maid Sweet (IRE)
 2YO Breeders Crown Colts & Geldings  1  Rhyds Dude
 3YO Breeders Crown Fillies  1  Louisiana
 3YO Breeders Crown Colts & Geldings  1  Rhyds Scoundrel
 STAGBI Golden Girls Final  1  Indianas Quest
 The Electric Mile Tregaron  1  Coalford Tetrick
 Welsh Classic Final  1  Laneside Logic
 Crock of Gold Final  1  Live In Star
 Appleby Spring Handicap Monday Final  1  Ladyford Buck
 2YO York Blossom Kelly Fillies  1  Oakwood Lucy Lou (IRE)
 2YO York Daniel Welling Colts & Geldings  1  Always Paid
 Barry Family Memorial Final  1  Tripple S
 2YO VDM Fillies Final  1  Maid Sweet (IRE)
 2YO VDM Colts & Geldings Final  1  Always Paid
 3YO VDM Fillies Final  1  Louisiana
 3YO VDM Colts & Geldings Final  1  Rhyds Scoundrel
 VDM FFA  1  Evenwood Sonofagun


Race Group Winner
 2YO Sire Stakes Fillies  2  Oakwood Dynasty (IRE)
 2YO Sire Stakes Colts & Geldings  2  Rhyds Applered
 3YO Sire Stakes Fillies  2  Oaks Breeze
 3YO Sire Stakes Colts & Geldings  2  Rhyds Scoundrel
 2YO NWHOA Fillies  2  Louisville
 2YO NWHOA Colts & Geldings  2  Always Paid
 3YO NWHOA Fillies  2  Louisiana
 3YO NWHOA Colts & Geldings  2  Rhyds Scoundrel
 2YO SHRC Futurity Fillies  2  Imperial Flame
 2YO SHRC Futurity Colts & Geldings  2  Top Dollar
 Appleby Handicap Sunday Final  2  Desert Cry
 Boughrood Final  2  Greentree Infinity
 Strata Florida Final  2  Wye Johnny
 Crock of Gold Heat  2  Live In Star
 Crock of Gold Heat  2  Miraculous
 Crock of Gold Heat  2  Coalford Tetrick