As the governing body for the sport of harness racing in Great Britain, the BHRC would like to assure you we will not tolerate any form of anti social behaviour.
Last weekend an individual serving our sport was physically assaulted, this mindless act is unacceptable and any person committing such a violation will be shown the exit, these people are not welcome in our sport.

We would like to remind all licence holders that the BHRC are trying to govern the sport fairly (inline with the Rule Book) to ensure that those who are willing to invest in harness racing in our country can compete in the knowledge we are doing everything possible to create a level playing field.

Although we cannot talk about individual cases of breaches of our rules, please be assured that ALL matters are being dealt with accordingly, and we will as soon as possible publish statements.

Social media provides us all with a wonderful opportunity to connect with our friends and those who have a mutual interest in our sport, however a small number of individuals seem intent on posting hurtful, derogatory, vile comments aimed at officials and competitors.  We must remind everyone of our social media policy when posting comments, yes we live in a free state where we enjoy freedom of speech, however some comments are extremely poisonous and indeed, libellous.

We thank those who have taken the time to acknowledge the work that is being done, it is to be hoped that the majority of our License Holders who are willing to adhere to the rules and conduct themselves in a civil and professional manner will continue to support the BHRC, and will stand by us as we attempt to police the sport, and if necessary,  rid it of the undesirables.

We are here to work for you, the good people of harness racing.

Yours in sport,

The Chairman and Directors of the BHRC