30 DAYS TO GO . . . .


30 Days TODAY until the first Race Fixture at Tir Prince on Saturday 4th May 2019 – Contact Eric on 07919 818925 for further details.

Please remember that horses MUST be registered with the BHRC as in training for at least 28 days prior to entry.
All declarations of horses in training must be submitted in writing to the BHRC and horses will only be registered in training once any necessary payments have been received by the BHRC.
Please ensure that Race Payments and all necessary paperwork (flu vacs etc) are submitted to the BHRC at least 7 days prior to ENTRY to race.

Q1. [i] To enter any racetrack on racedays, every horse must have at least their first two primary flu vaccinations and be microchipped. These must be recorded in the horse’s passport by a vet.
[ii] To be eligible to enter to race ALL horses must:
[a] be registered as a full Standardbred (i.e. the progeny of a fully registered sire and a fully registered dam) by either STAGBI or an internationally recognised Harness Racing Authority, or its European passport must be ratified by either STAGBI or an internationally recognised Harness Racing Authority.
[b] be identified by a microchip properly implanted halfway down the neck on the left side of the crest, and its microchip number must be registered with the BHRC Office.
[c] have a current flu vaccination record completed in the passport, a copy of which has been supplied to the BHRC, and complies with the criteria laid down in Appendix II
[d] be qualified or requalified to race under these rules in the times and under the conditions laid down in Appendix VII
[e] be registered to an owner that holds a current licence
[f] be registered, and declared as such in writing to the BHRC, to a trainer that holds a current licence in the correct category
[g] be registered in writing with the BHRC as in training for a minimum period of 28 days immediately prior to entry
[h] have all relevant fees relating to a Race Certificate submitted to the BHRC
[i] hold a Race Certificate issued by an internationally recognised racing body endorsed by the BHRC.
Failure to comply with any of the above provisions will incur an automatic administration fee at a minimum of £5 per notification. In addition the owner/trainer may be subject to a fine and/or suspension and horse may not be permitted to compete.