Issues raised during the AGM:

BHRC Constitution
The BHRC Constitution has been a matter debated for a number of years now, but it is felt that the time has come to enact a change to the document.
As the structure of the BHRC is changing, it is imperative that the update to the Constitution improves the model of the BHRC, encompasses all current memberships, and brings licence holders forward directly into the membership whilst also ensuring that nothing is lost in the transition.
The connection and liaison between STAGBI and BHRC has to be considered by both associations, as will the position with TrotBritain.
A paper will be drafted and put before the Directors as soon as possible for full and formal discussion at the next Director meeting in January 2019.

BHRC Website to carry a list of licensed Track Stewards
The above was formally proposed by EVHRA for discussion at the AGM.
Agreement was reached that from 2019 a list of approved and licensed Track Stewards will be published by the BHRC.

TCO2 Testing Procedure & Rules
The above was formally proposed for discussion at the AGM.
Discussion ensued which questioned why horses that record an elevated TCO2 level are not withdrawn from racing as in other jurisdictions, and alternatively if they are not withdrawn why the public and other connections are not advised of any results recorded above the permitted threshold.
The BHRC determined to suspend the proposed changes to sections Y7 and Y23 of the BHRC Rules whilst the information put forward could be discussed further by Directors.

On behalf of Appleby Race Committees the BHRC were asked to explain why Promoters pay an administration charge of £100 to receive copies of Analysis Certificates from the laboratory rather than them being sent automatically to connections.
The BHRC explained that the BHRC is the client of the laboratory and there are caveats within contracts that have to be adhered to. Upon receipt of an Analysis Certificate from a laboratory citing a negative result, email notification is sent to the Regional Steward, Integrity Officer and Promoter advising of the result and giving clearance for prize money to be released. A letter is also posted to the owner giving the same information. Any query in regard of that process is a direct confrontation to the integrity of the BHRC and relevant laboratory. Therefore, charges for additional administration are levied where parties are not satisfied with the veracity of information they are provided.
For obvious reasons of independence and impartiality, the laboratory cannot be provided with the name of the animal being tested nor the names of the connections in owner or trainer. It would be impossible for any laboratory to maintain being independent and impartial, whilst being privy to details of, or conversing with, connections.
The BHRC, as the Governing Body, is the co-ordinator and regulator of the Integrity Testing Programme and therefore are (and remain) the client of the laboratory.
Going forward, the BHRC Directors have invited representatives of Appleby Races to a meeting to discuss any issues or questions they may have in regard of the Integrity Testing Programme.
It is also proposed that owners and trainers will receive notification of negative test results on the same day and by the same method (email or text) as Regional Stewards and Promoters do currently.

Verbal Abuse of Stewards
On behalf of EVHRA it was raised that verbal abuse against Stewards and Officials appears to be on the rise and these officials do not always feel supported by the BHRC.
The BHRC explained that they had dealt very quickly in 2018 with the issues surrounding Cumberland Show and Corbiewood in June. All licence holders involved had been interviewed within 7 days and relevant action taken. This will continue to be the case when incidents are referred direct to the BHRC.
Going forward the BHRC intend to write Investigation Reports which will be published thereby informing all officials, licence holders and members of any issues and action taken.

2018 season statistics:
BHRC registered 576 individual licence holders in 2018 (577 in 2017, 584 in 2016)
(this does not include syndicates, stables or licences issued by other organisations)
364 owner licences issued (399 in 2017), 261 trainer licences issued (283 in 2017) and 256 driver licences issued (266 in 2017) (NB. Some individuals hold more than one class of licence)
BHRC registered 696 horses to race in 2018 (735 in 2017)
BHRC had 69 individual affiliated racing days in 2018 which staged 644 Races in total
Over £789,000 in prize money was paid out across those races

BHRC Owners Clubs and Associations:
Scottish Harness Racing Club (SHRC) – 89 Members, 18+ licence holders
Wales & West Harness Racing (WWHRA) – 109 members, 18+ licence holders
North Wales Horse Owners Association (NWHOA) – 55 members, 18+ licence holders
Hereford & Borders Harness Racing (H&B HRC) – 44 members, 18+ licence holders
Midlands Harness Racing Club (MHRC) – 52 Members, 18+ licence holders
Harness Horseman’s Association (HHA) – Disbanded just prior to BHRC AGM

2018 -
60 samples were analysed at laboratory level – two samples returned positive results
2017 –
53 samples were analysed at laboratory level – four samples returned positive results
2016 -
48 samples were analysed at laboratory level – three samples returned positive results