TROTBritain Announcement


ANDREW CAIRNS – British representative at Vincennes

The great news from Le Trot is that we will again have a driver in this year’s International Drivers race, open to all those nations involved in the Le Trot initiative. (There are 29 countries involved, so we can’t expect a representative every year.) Following in the footsteps (or wheel-marks) of Paul Mather and John Foy, our representative this year will be ANDREW CAIRNS who led the 2017 Le TROT Drivers table with 7 wins. The race will take place at Vincennes on Saturday afternoon, December 2nd. It will be live and free to air on, like all French premium meetings. And we are delighted that Darren Owen has agreed to come and do some Facebook Live from the hippodrome.

Andrew also has 20 wins on pacers to his credit this year. We are delighted he has seized the opportunities on offer in trotting as a result of the TROTBritain Le Trot initiative and has adapted quickly and enthusiastically to the demanding task of training and driving the 3YO Trotteur Français.

Andrew says “I’m obviously very thrilled at the idea of driving on such a big stage as Vincennes a once in a life time opportunity … so hoping to draw a nice horse to try and get Britain recognised as a trotting country that is growing fast … and If I could sneak a place it would be fantastic”