Member issues raised at the AGM:

  • Integrity

A request was submitted from Appleby Race Committees for Promoters to receive a copy of laboratory Certificates of Analysis.
Promoters already have the option to request a copy of the reports for a fee of £100 each.
Appleby Race Committees have been requested for further reasoning as to why they felt this step necessary and Directors will discuss further if the request is responded to.

  • Fixture Applications

A suggestion was submitted that fixtures are graded A, B and C with BHRC to give preference in order to A, then B then C class fixtures, thus structuring the seasons racing better.
Discussions were had in regard of fixtures that have set dates and how they might be impacted.
Agreement reached that as matters had been raised in regard of the current fixture application process, the suggestion and current method will be reviewed.

  • Appointment of Regional Steward

A suggestion was submitted that Regional Stewards be appointed by Promoters/Organisations and ratified by the BHRC.
The meeting was informed that under the current Constitution the BHRC Council appoint Regional Stewards as they then represent the BHRC. Due to that issue it may be difficult to change the process. Recently the Council have invited Promoters and Organisations to be more involved in the process of interviewing applicants and also taking into account the views submitted by licence holders and clubs.

  • Stewarding

An issue in regard of inconsistent stewarding was raised.
The meeting was informed that seminars are planned for officials and licence holders where all licensed personnel could come together and gather knowledge and better understand the procedures and their own duties and obligations.
It was noted that a drive to recruit more Track Stewards was needed.


Some statistics in relation to the 2017 season were requested, mainly in regard of integrity. Figures for 2017:
BHRC registered 577 individual licence holders in 2017 (584 in 2016) (this does not include syndicates, stables or licences issued by other organisations)
399 owner licences issued, 283 trainer licences issued and 266 driver licences issued (please note that some individuals hold more than one class of licence)
BHRC registered 735 horses to race in 2017
BHRC had 89 affiliated fixtures in 2017 which staged 722 races in total
Over £730,000 in prize money was paid out across those races
BHRC Owner Clubs & Associations:
Scottish Harness Racing Club – 78 members, 18+ licence holders
Wales & West Harness Racing – 108 members, 18+ licence holders
North Wales Horse Owners Association – 53 members, 18+ licence holders
Hereford & Borders Harness Racing – 51 members, 18+ licence holders
Midlands Harness Racing Club – 42 members, 18+ licence holders
Harness Horseman’s Association – 47 members, 18+ licence holders

2017 -
53 samples were analysed at laboratory level – four samples returned positive results
89 samples were analysed through the ‘Black Box’ at track level
2016 -
48 samples were analysed at laboratory level – three samples returned positive results
80 samples were analysed through the ‘Black Box’ at track level
2015 -
83 samples were analysed at laboratory level (16 for TCO2 only) - one sample returned a positive result