BHRC AGM – Saturday 16th November


The BHRC AGM will be held on Saturday 16th November 2019 at Days Inn, Wetherby at 11am.

Persons wishing to attend must notify the BHRC in writing by 12noon Monday 11th November 2019.
(Email: / Text: 07834539292)

Officials due for re-election are:
Chairman - Roy Sheedy
Vice Chairman – Jim McInally
BHRC Stewards – Barry Delaney, Bret Strickland
Regional Stewards – Craig Stevenson (re-appointment of)

Any new candidates should be nominated in writing by a BHRC Council Member and seconded in writing by a BHRC Council/Committee Member by 12noon Friday 25th October 2019.
Candidates (new and rotation) must also confirm in writing their willingness to stand.

Associations MUST supply Minutes of their last four meetings and membership lists as soon as possible (and no later than Friday 25th October 2019 – failure to do so may impact on voting rights).