BHRC AGM – Sunday 26th November 2017


The BHRC 2017 AGM will be held at Days Inn, Wetherby on Sunday 26th November 2017 @ 11am.

Persons wishing to attend should notify the BHRC in writing by 12noon Wednesday 22nd November 2017
(Email: / Text: 07834539292)

Election of Stewards:

  • Jackie Maguire offers herself for re-election
  • Fred Hay offers himself for re-election
  • Bob Lee offer himself for election – nominated by Roy Sheedy, seconded by Jason Podmore
  • Anthony Fettah offers himself for election – Mr Fettah has withdrawn from the election
  • Lisa Knott is not standing for re-election

BHRC Vice Chairman:

  • Jim McInally offers himself for re-election

BHRC Chairman:

  • Roy Sheedy offers himself for re-election

Appointment of Regional Stewards:

  • Robert Thompson
  • Craig Stevenson
  • Bob Lee

NB. Mr Bob Lee was appointed by the Directors as a BHRC Regional Steward on 21st October 2017. However, Bob wishes to stand for a position as a BHRC Steward. If he is not elected to that position he will be ratified as a BHRC Regional Steward