BHRC AGM Update – Sunday 18th November 2018


The BHRC AGM will be held on Sunday 18th November 2018 at Days Inn, Wetherby at 11am. View Agenda

Persons wishing to attend must notify the BHRC in writing by 12noon Wednesday 14th November 2018
(Email: / Text: 07834539292)

Officials due for re-election are:
Chairman – Roy Sheedy (offers himself for re-election)
Vice Chairman – Jim McInally (offers himself for re-election)
BHRC Stewards – Jim McInally, Jason Podmore (both offer themselves for re-election)
Regional Stewards – Roland Pugh (appointment of)

No new candidates have been nominated to the BHRC.

Accounts and previous minutes have been circulated to the BHRC Committee.

Items for discussion under Any Other Business should be submitted please to the BHRC in writing no later than 12noon Friday 16th November 2018.