The latest edition of the Calendar has been posted from the BHRC Office this week.
Due to delays in printing, beyond the control of the BHRC, the publication contains some outdated articles (STAGBI AGM, nomination dates etc), for which we can only apologise.
The issuing of the Calendar magazine in 2017 has unfortunately fallen dramatically below expectations, in the main due to staffing issues of the BHRC.
As part of an annual review the BHRC Directors recently considered the increase in postage rates and printing prices for the publication. During a previous review it was agreed to form the publication into an A5 size to reduce postage costs and therefore avoid a price increase to licence holders. The Directors again wanted to evade any increase in fees.
As part of the review the Directors also considered the current ‘identity’ of the Calendar magazine. Due to the advances of social media it is considered by some that the information in the Calendar is antiquated and from time of going to print to licence holder receipt the information within is occasionally somewhat redundant.
The Directors determined that from January 2018 the Calendar will become a quarterly edition magazine – there will be no increase in subscription costs. In order to re-identify the magazine an overhaul will include:

  • themes set apart for each quarterly edition
  • the information contained within the magazine will not all be repeated from news and reports already published on social media outlets
  • a more personal approach will be taken and interviews with licence holders will be undertaken and included
  • a drive to get sponsors/advertisements within the publication

Taking account of the subscription fees that members paid for the 2017 magazine, the December edition of the Calendar will contain a £5 voucher which can be redeemed against a 2018 subscription.