The BHRC now have an online entry system which can be utilised for race entries and stakes payments – LINK

Any member wishing to use the system first needs to become a registered user. To do this you need to please contact the BHRC Office. You will be issued with a username and password which will give access to the online entry forms.

Whilst in the first stages of being used, the forms that are available are those where Promoters have jointly agreed with BHRC to accept entries via the online system. For race fixtures not listed, this may be due to entries not being open on that date, or it may be that the Promoter has an entry secretary to deal with their fixture. In either case it is best to contact the BHRC Office to check.

It is hoped that the system will benefit both Licence Holders, Promoters and the BHRC.
When entering, the Licence Holder (subject to entering a valid email address) will receive confirmation of entry and payment.
The online system will be available 24 hours a day to all registered users. There will be less of a need to have dozens of contact details for race secretaries, as all information can be submitted in one place.
Relevant promoters and the BHRC will also receive confirmation of each race entry. From the BHRC perspective, this will allow connections to be advised of any race clearance issues at the earliest opportunity.

It is also planned to develop the system to allow members to renew licences online from 2019.

If you have any queries or would like to register, please contact the BHRC Office on 01405 766877 or 07834 539292.