CORBIEWOOD 13th August 2021


Corbiewood – 13th August 2021 – 7:30pm
Featuring the Smart Bookmakers Final
Final Prize Monday 1st £600 2nd £150 3rd £100

All heats will be run using preferred handicapping. Any horses on the same points will ballot for position. Final will revert to handicap trails with the top entered horse being used to work out the bands – 10 points = 10 yards.
Please note that only horses on a rating of 32 points and above are eligible to run in heats and finals.
There will be no c class or mares’ allowances.

Event 1 – Maiden Races – £30 Entry
Open to horses with no lifetime wins. All horses will ballot for position regardless of points.
If the event is oversubscribed there will be a ballot to remove horses place them off the gate with a 10-yard start from the lowest rated horses entered the handicap rating races. If maiden race is over subscribed any owner with two horses entered will have one horse balloted out to run in front of the lowest rated handicap horses and the other balloted into the maidens only race. This will be the only time there is a split for owners.
Race Prize Money = 1st = £280 2nd = £70 3rd =£50

Event 2 – Ratings Races – £30 Entry
Open to horses with a minimum of 1 lifetime win. This will be open for horses competing in both the heats/final plus ratings races for horses not eligible for heats/final due to not meeting the minimum point requirement. Races to be run open preferred handicap with horses on the same points balloting for position.All races will be run purely preferred regardless of points split.
Race Prize Money = 1st = £300 2nd = £100 3rd =£50

Event 3– Qualifiers £10 Entry

Event 4 – Schoolers £30 Entry