As many will be aware, since the start of 2019 a number of equine influenza cases have been identified across Europe and the UK, including several in vaccinated horses.

The BHRC have reviewed advice on this and the following is recommended by the BHRC:

  • ALL horses are vaccinated with Florida Clade 1 and Florida Clade 2 protection – see AHT advice on UK vaccines HERE
  • ALL horses that have not received a booster or vaccination within the last six months should be issued a booster as soon as possible

All owners and trainers are advised to be extra-vigilant, with ongoing extra care in regard of biosecurity and the isolation of new horses entering training stables.
Any horses showing signs that could be flu (especially harsh dry cough) should be isolated and promptly investigated by your vet.

Any cases positive for equine influenza must be reported to the BHRC immediately:
W58. Any person holding a Trainer’s licence shall immediately notify the Secretary of the BHRC of any infectious or contagious disease in his stables. Failure may result in closure of premises.