EVENWOOD @ BINCHESTER – Sunday 29th July 2018


With the kind permission of the Wallace family and agreement of the Evenwood Committee, the Binchester race fixture on Sunday 29th July 2018 will host the Peter Wallace Memorial races.

The race schedule will include Handicap Heats & Final (1¼ mile – Grade 1 to 6) – Maiden and Novice – Grade 7 to 9 races – Invitational Free For All

Entry to race at this fixture will be via a payment plan:
1st payment £30 – Due by 30th April
2nd payment £30 – Due by 30th May
3rd payment £30 – Due by 30th June
Total Entry Fee £90

Heats - £900 (600/200/100)
Final - £10,000 (7000/200/1000) (Fastest Heat time gets preference on draw, second fastest gets second preference etc)
Maiden & Novice - £1,000 (700/200/100)
Straight Races Grade 7+ - £1,000 (700/200/100)

* All entries will be accommodated *
For example horses that are Maiden at time of 1st payment, but advanced to Grade 2 by 3rd payment will race in Heats & Final. Horses that are Grade 4 at time of 1st payment, but advanced to Grade 7 by 3rd payment will race in straight races. Races will be framed using BHRC Handicap Marks applicable on Monday 23rd July 2018.

Invitational Free For All
Record Breaking Attempt – 1 mile on a 5/8ths track
With fair winds and following seas, sun on their backs and a plethora of encouragement from spectators, six top horses will be invited to put in their absolute best and hopefully set a new Track Record for the mile.
Prize funds and further details to follow


!! Great value racing for just £90 per horse !!

Details on how to enter will follow shortly