Integrity Update

Coalford Mission – Tregaron Races – 12th May 2019.

Further to the positive test result received by BHRC from the Laboratoire Des Courses Hippiques France (LCH) for analysis of the sample taken from the horse Coalford Mission at Tregaron Races on the 12th May 2019 the BHRC can now confirm that this matter has been brought to conclusion and that the following penalties have been applied in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the BHRC.

The horse Coalford Mission disqualified from the race at Tregaron on the 12th May 2019.

Mr G Maw’s license as a trainer suspended for 6 months as from 28/9/20.

Mr G Maw as trainer of the horse fined the sum of £500.

Mr G Maw to pay the sum of £3500 to the BHRC for costs incurred in relation to this matter.