After extensive talks with Raslab, York Harness Raceway and The BHRC Chairman Darren Owen we can confirm that Tir Prince Raceway will be looking to race behind closed doors on the following dates in July;
Tuesday 14th July – 2pm
Wednesday 22nd July (Early evening start)
Wednesday 29th July (Early Evening Start)
We have worked out a schedule between York and Tir Prince so that there will be two meetings per week covering all types of races so that everyone gets a chance to run. Our first meeting streamed via Raslab by online bookmakers should be on Wednesday 22nd July.
These dates and times have been carefully chosen taking into consideration other racing that is taking place on those dates and their start times. It is hoped that our product will be given maximum exposure to the betting world with these carefully chosen dates and times.
If we get a positive response from the July meetings we will then confirm our August schedule in conjunction with York Harness Raceway so that horse owners get the chance to race their horses as often as they like.
May we take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience we can assure you that we are doing all that is humanly and technically possible to ensure that you can still enjoy this great sport despite the COVID 19 Pandemic.