Juvenile Stakes Series 2020


16/07/2020Written by Trotberry

In light of the BHRC’s commitments to Raslab and their subsequent rescheduling of the fixtures for 2020, the IHRA racecourse committee have agreed to change the dates of the BHRC eliminators of the series, in order to keep fairness in stakes programme.

The revised schedule of dates for the eliminators is as follows:


Elimination #1 

18th July Portmarnock
BHRC Eliminator 29th July Tir Prince
Elimination #2 1st August Annaghmore
Elimination #3 16th August Red John Memorial, Cork
BHRC Eliminator 5th September York Raceway
Elimination #4 6th September Portmarnock
Juvenile Stakes Finals 11th October Portmarnock