We are currently living through testing times and, as we are seeing, sporting events around the globe are currently being affected.

We in British Harness Racing need to display a responsibility to our sport, License Holders and fans over the staging of race meetings, work outs and qualifying sessions in the coming months.

Of course, we will be led by the British and Scottish governments and will monitor how other sporting organisations, particularly those in the equine world, intend to operate.

We know Australian harness racing is currently taking place behind closed doors and meetings in some countries are being cancelled.

On Monday the BHA made an announcement, stating that thoroughbred racing will take place behind closed doors, it is possible some meetings will even be cancelled.

Thoroughbred racing obviously has the luxury of receiving subsidies for providing a product to the off-course market, something we don’t enjoy in harness racing.

Which then begs the question, how can we possibly stage meetings behind closed doors? Who will pay for this if there are no racegoers coming through the gates?

We need to speak to our stakeholders and urge cooperation between tracks, as it may be the start of the season will need to be delayed, this could lead to date changes between tracks and a possible extension to the season.

Hopefully we will have more news during the week will make announcements on Facebook Live and our Website.