Mick O’Brien


Its with a very heavy heart that we let all of the harness racing fraternity know that Mick O’Brien passed away over the weekend. Mick was a stalwart of Tir Prince Raceway and had been here since day one and worked as the paddock steward until very recently. There wouldn’t be enough words to tell you all the stories about his exploits over the years but we know that everyone will have their own stories to tell about a person who was one in a billion type of character.


He was Billy Williams right hand man at Tir Prince he mowed the grass, jogged the horses, started the races, stewarded and also sometimes acted as the bouncer to name just a few of the jobs that Mick did at Tir Prince.


When Adam took over the running of the track Micks dedication and loyalty was just as true and he carried on his role seamlessly and efficiently a vital part of the team in the red hot atmosphere of a race night.


He used to visit the track at least once a week and was here on Wednesday pulling up outside the office and beeping his horn continuously until you went out to him even if you were in a meeting! He loved to talk about the racing and how his weight training was going and we are going to miss his weekly visits and little chats more than anyone will know.


God Bless You Michael Heaven has a new gate man and he is the best of the lot xxx