New Committees


Firstly, on behalf of the BHRC I send my gratitude to everyone who has offered their services working on various committees to aid our sport.
The three committees formed so far are Development, Stewarding and Media & Promotions.
Regarding Media & Promotions, I would like the Media & Productions Committee to take charge of production of the Harness Calendar.
It is my desire to see the Calendar as an interesting read as well as the usual source of information, so it is to be hoped as a team we can produce articles about the sport from both home and abroad. The aim would be to publish our first 2020 edition by March 1st.
Also the committee’s remit would be to generally promote the sport with full use of social media.

The Development committee can hopefully seek support for the sport, perhaps opening up dialogue with national or local governmental departments.

List of Committee Members
Media & Promotions Committee

Sarah Thomas
Mandy Stanley
Julie Park
Karen Valentine
Kayleigh Evans

Development Committee Members

George Button.
Ryan O’Neil.
Huw Evans.
Sue Young.
Steven Vaughan Jones

A review of the Rule Book and Stewarding Model is now underway, views of license holders and stewards are currently being sought so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stewards Committee

Jason Podmore,
Paul Cullen,
Helen Langford,
Carol Jenkins

In the New Year I’m hoping we can formulate committees for other departments, including Handicapping.
The good news is Dai John Edwards has agreed to continue his work as Handicap Liaison Officer for the BHRC, a role he has carried out superbly in the past.
A number of you have sent in proposed Handicap systems, they have all been very thought provoking and it is to be hoped we can publish all these different systems on the website for you all to study in the New Year.
I must stress the intention, at this stage, is to continue with the current Handicap System for the 2020 Season.

I can share news of two upcoming meetings, this week BHRC Directors are set to meet Directors of Trot Britain to discuss plans for the future regarding governance and potential support from Europe.

A meeting has also been scheduled between media rights company RASLAB, York, Tir Prince and Tregaron in January, this is to discuss future live streaming of racing in this country. Other track hopefully will have a chance of getting involved, but let’s take one step at a time.

Recently it has been my pleasure to speak to some of the Directors of STAGBI, our informal discussions have been enlightening and inspiring, hopefully we can maintain a decent working relationship for the betterment of the sport.

In late January I will be attending, on behalf of the BHRC, the General Assembly of the UET (Union of European Trotting) in Paris. Although we are not members, I will be attending as an observer, so let’s take this as a positive we are being recognised.

A reminder that nominations for the various Horse of the Year titles for 2019 are required by January 12th.
The nominations are for
2-Y-O Filly,
2-Y-O Colt,
3-Y-O Filly,
3-Y-O Colt,
Pacer of the Year,
Mare of the Year,
Trotter of the Year,
Overseas Horse of the Year.

This leads me on to the Award Evening which is scheduled to take place later than usual on Saturday, March 21st at the Kinmel, St George Road, Abergele, L22 9AS.
The evening gets underway at 7-00 and will include a drink on arrival, 3 course meal, awards and disco.
The cost of the tickets will be £35 per head, more information will be given in January regarding ticket sales.

I, on behalf of the BHRC, would like to take this opportunity to send my sincere gratitude to Hollie Sutcliffe for her excellent work in the office this year, she has been a wonderful asset to the organisation.

Finally, may I thank you all for your continued support and hope we can all work together for a brighter future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes,

Darren Owen
BHRC Chairman