NO QUALIFIERS, WORKOUTS till further notice


Sport is one of life’s great trivialities, harness racing falls into that category, however we all derive so much pleasure out of this wonderful sport, a hobby for so many and a livelihood for others.
This time of the year we traditionally have so much to look forward to with the oncoming season, sadly this year we have an air of uncertainty.
After the Prime Minister’s recent Statement concerning tighter restrictions of movement during the current global emergency, the BHRC must stress to everyone that all qualifiers, workouts and race meetings are suspended until further notice.
Of course, our racing season is not set to commence until May 2nd, this date is beyond the time frame of the latest restrictions, however we must ensure we do not stage any public gatherings and wait for the Government to review the situation in three weeks (approx Apr 13th).
The BHRC will continue to work with promoters in a bid to salvage the 2020 Season.
Stay Safe everyone, your health is your wealth!