As racing is now looking likely in 2020 we require the donations to be sent to the below bank account to allow our season to be planned.
The money will be used for prize money during the behind closed doors period and also to enhance the prize money pot should racing open back up to the public.
The money contributed to the racing can only be won by fully paid members. Anyone not willing to contribute towards this fund will not receive the enhanced purse money.
Basically as an owner this makes your horse(s) eligible for the added money (taken from the fund) raced for at the track. Trainers (or anyone) are also welcome to make a donation as we need to remember this is too kick off our season.
Minimum donation will be set at £250 per owner, owners with larger numbers of horses in training have confirmed they will contribute up to £1,000. This gives everyone a benchmark on how much they should donate.
Initial figures suggest added money per race will be 50% to 75%.
Let’s all pull together and get Harness Racing back on the track in 2020!
Bank Details:
Bank Account No. – 00621936
Sort Code 83-16-03
(Please remember and leave your name as reference)
Northern Standardbred Racing Committee (NSRC)