Penalty Free Racing will be in force from 1st January to midnight Friday 24th May 2019


  • All racing staged between 1st January and midnight 24th May 2019 will be offered as Penalty Free
  • Limited to TWO wins per horse – any subsequent wins and prize money within the relevant period will be applied to horses handicap
  • Penalty Free runs will not be included in any End of Season Lifts

Horses that compete in Penalty Free races will have any prize money won added to their handicap through the Penalty Free period, and at the end of that period those horses will revert to the handicap mark applicable to them on the first date of the Penalty Free period (subject to the above conditions).

Maiden and Novice horses will not be included in Penalty Free racing due to the fact that earnings as Maiden and Novice are not carried through the handicap after the horse qualifies as Grade 1.

The BHRC reserve the right to alter conditions or withdraw Penalty Free racing at any time