The BHRC would like to send their best wishes to everyone during this difficult time and hope you are all keeping well.
At the most recent Directors Meeting several topics were discussed, mainly those that have been brought on by the current global situation.
The implementation of penalty free racing has been suggested by many in the sport, the Directors decided for 2020 only that penalty free races of a specified value can be staged throughout the season, the prize money level of these races will be announced shortly.
The BHRC are encouraging the extension of the season, this is an area some tracks are considering,
We, with the cooperation of promoters, would like to work to saving the Classic races and Stakes races, if the only option left to us is to stage the sport behind closed doors.
On the subject of which, we are exploring pay per view live streaming models to create revenue, at the same time bringing the sport to you at home.
The BHRC have just produced the latest Anti-Doping Code, which the Directors passed, along with changes to M Section in the Rule Book.
Regarding race day Stewards Enquiries, these will all be recorded, that’s both in audio and visually.
The BHRC have sanctioned an independent review of the procedures carried out in an inquiry dating back to September last year., this is to ensure we update the procedures for all future inquiries and appeals.
This review is being carried out by a former BHA official.
It has been brought to the attention of the BHRC that licence holders are purchasing new sulkies and quite ridiculously are having to tamper with sulkies which have been rigorously tested and accepted in multi million dollar jurisdictions.
The rule states that protruding objects from the rear of the sulky are forbidden, however with the modern sulkies the fixing of a back bar is unnecessary.
The race day Stewards at anytime can inspect a sulky.