The following rules have been updated for the 2019 season:

As per discussions with TrotBritain during last season and updates provided in 2018 by the BHRC, the Directors have determined the following update:
N3. Horses required to Qualify:
[a] Any horse that has not raced under the rules of the BHRC or the IHRA
[b] Any horse that has not qualified in the previous season under the rules of the BHRC or the IHRA
For the avoidance of doubt, all imported horses will be required to qualify prior to being accepted for race entry.

The following rule changes were confirmed at the AGM on 18th November 2018 and are now adopted to the BHRC Rules and Regulations. Please ensure that you read these changes and are fully informed of all updates:

H8 -
Due to difficulty in being able obtain certain race footage, H8 will be altered and the issue also noted in Contracts with Promoters
H8 [a] Video Facilities – The Racecourse Executive shall ensure that video facilities are provided at every meeting, which will be made available for the Judge to determine finishing order or for Track Stewards in the conduct of an enquiry. Any footage and photographs obtained must also be provided upon request to the BHRC for use by the BHRC or for promotional purposes.
[b] Photo Finish – The Racecourse Executive shall ensure Photo Finish equipment is provided at every race meeting.

J4 & K5 -
Due to issues involving the number of withdrawals after races are framed but prior to Start Sheet being published, J4 will be altered:
J4 – The owner of any horse entered for a race, which is subsequently withdrawn, shall be liable for the full entry fee unless the horse is withdrawn prior to being published on the official List of Entries. Should payment not be made within thirty [30] days of the date of the race having been run the payment shall become a liability to the owner, who shall, together with the horse or horses, be suspended until payment is made in full, providing the track notifies the BHRC in writing.
K5 – The withdrawal of an entered horse must be done by the Owner/Trainer to the Track Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the race date unless accompanied by a Vets Certificate. Failure to withdraw or declare in the time allowed, will mean a penalty will be applied.
Withdrawal of an entered horse published on the official List of Entries does not remove liability under section J4.

K13 – Naming of Driver penalty in Appendix X
Proposed that the current penalty may be harsh and does not allow officials to take account of any mitigating circumstances.
K13 – Stewards to decide

W33 -
Put forward that as there are differing penalties for C, B or A class drivers, then each driver should be at the class relevant to them and also criteria for upgrade quite extensive
W33 – Upgrading from ‘B’ to ‘A’ – ‘B’ Class licences will be automatically upgraded to ‘A’ Class upon the driver achieving 24 wins.

W44 -
Medication records should be upkept by all trainers:
W44. The Trainer shall always be responsible for the feeding, management, protection and security of the horses in his care taking all reasonable precautions to avoid their exposure to prohibited substances contrary to the rules of the Governing Body. All trainers are required to upkeep a Medication Record Book (or similar electronic equivalent) where all medications used on any horse on licensed premises or under the trainer’s care are to be entered (this will include topical ointments, oral medicines and drugs given by injection). All entries are to be made the same day that the medication is given.

W46 -
Option for trainers to check the status of horses they are taking custody of:
W46. All Trainers must notify the BHRC Office in writing of the horses in their custody and control before the horse/s are permitted for entry.
[a] Should the trainer of any horse change, notice shall be sent in writing to the BHRC Office within 24 hours that a horse leaves, or arrives in the custody of a trainer. Failure to comply will incur a penalty.
[b] Where a trainer obtains custody of a horse from another licensed trainer or premises, it is recommended that the horse is sampled in regard of an integrity test. Any such sample must be obtained prior to the trainer accepting custody of the horse. Costs of sampling and subsequent analysis to be borne by the owner/trainer

Y19 – Regumate
Due to the findings of anabolic steroids in some brands of Regumate:
Y19. [a] Regumate is not permitted for use from 1st January 2019. Any laboratory analysis detecting the presence of Regumate after this date will be classed as a positive under section Y2.

Appendix I – Public Trainer and Licence to Train
Due to the difference between a hobby and a professional, the rates have been increased:
Licence to Train increase from £33 to £50
Public Trainer increase from £66 to £100
Every holder of a Licence to Train or Public Trainer from 1st January 2019 will be required to submit £10 per horse registered under their care for training. This fee will be payable for all horses, regardless of whether they have already been registered in training elsewhere since 1st January.
Please note that this fee applies to all horses trained outside of those owned by immediate family as defined under the rules; horses owned by the trainer, his/her spouse or partner, parents, sons or daughters are exempt.