Good morning,

It’s with great sadness that I write, Saunders Trapper was sadly put to sleep this morning after becoming very ill overnight of what was believed to be a serious internal illness and or failure.
(Saunders Trapper) Trapper came to us circa 2004/5 after previously retiring from harness racing where he spent a few years hacking out with field friends in our area and latterly becoming a full time retiree and family member. Trapper was one of the best, kindest and gentle man horses we have had the pleasure of looking after over the past 15 years. He will be sadly missed by all our family and friends also his personal equine friends. He was a true credit to his official owner Sam Ostle and his trainer.
I Believe Trapper is still a record holder at York on the 1,1/4 mile and would kindly ask that if there is any photos of him in his youth while racing could we please browse and possibly purchase a print for him.

Kind regards

David & Hayley Stalker
3 Gilpin House,