For 2018 STAGBI will once again be awarding the Breeders Bonus and adopt the same programme of funding for 2017 (i.e. £500 to the STAGBI selected race in each category, with £100 to any Group 1 race not selected). Promoters are encouraged to include details of the Breeders Bonus in their race card.
BHRC Race £500 – Crock of Gold
£100 to Group 1 races - Tregaron Final and Billy Williams FFA

Already awarded:
4YO Race £500 - Senior Welsh Dragon (not awarded in 2017 as winner not eligible)
3YO Race £500 - Scottish Derby
2YO Race £500 – Ceredigion TC 2YO Races
£100 to Group 1 races – Appleby, Musselburgh, Ceredigion Finals, BHRC Derby, BHRC Futurity