STAGBI Notice to All Horse Owners


During the past few months DEFRA have introduced new regulations relating to their Equine ID Regulations 2018, please take note as they will affect you.


DEFRA now requires that the owner of an equine born in the EU and located on a holding in England must ensure that an application for an ID for that equine is received by an issuing body on or before 30th November in the year in which the equine is or the last day of the period of 6 months beginning with the day on which the equine was born, whichever is later.

In order to comply with DEFRA regulations STAGBI will require that: ALL APPLICATIONS for FOALS born in 2018 are received in the STAGBI office by 31ST OCTOBER 2018.

Please make sure you have sent your foaling return to STAGBI so that Registration Pack (Application Forms, Microchip & DNA sample bag) can be sent to you.

If you require further information or assistance please contact STAGBI office 01570 423377 / 07581438805 /