Sire Stakes
STAGBI continue to include Stakes information with all new passports issued.
In addition, STAGBI have agreed that they will offer a Breeders Bonus to the Breeder of each winner (providing that the horse holds a STAGBI passport and the breeder is a member of STAGBI). The amount will be calculated on the years registrations at £3 per horse registered. The money in the pool will then be divided by the number of races staged (usually six – 2, 3 & 4YO Colts & Fillies divisions). STAGBI will also award the same amount and a trophy to the owner of the Leading Sire.
It is hoped that these initiatives will help attract breeders to support the Sire Stakes.

Breeders Bonus
For 2018 STAGBI will once again be awarding the Breeders Bonus and adopt the same programme of funding for 2017 (i.e. £500 to the STAGBI selected race in each category, with £100 to any Group 1 race not selected). Promoters are encouraged to include details of the Breeders Bonus in their race card.
2YO Race £500 – Ceredigion TC 2YO Races
3YO Race £500 – Scottish Derby
4YO Race £500 – Senior Welsh Dragon (not awarded in 2017 as winner not eligible)
BHRC Race £500 – Crock of Gold
£100 to Group 1 races – Appleby, Musselburgh, Ceredigion & Tregaron Finals, BHRC Derby, BHRC Futurity and Billy Williams FFA.

STAGBI Future Broodmares
It is now apparent that these races have become popular and successful, furthermore they have paved the way for otherS to promote races such as the Corbiewood and Wales & West Mares races in 2017. In addition to the usual races hosted by each track, for 2018 STAGBI have further developed the series to include an end of season final. It is proposed that an invitational final be held (£3400 proposed purse). Mares will be awarded points from each race staged and the top 10 mares will be invited to the final. There will be no entry fee and STAGBI will donate the prize money. It is anticipated that this race will be viewed as the ‘Female Crock of Gold’. Date and venue for final to be confirmed.