STAR MAKER SERIES – Sponsored by The Standardbred Horse Sales Company


33 Horses entered for the new Star Maker Series.
As the top entry of 50 has not been achieved, the conditions regarding limited entry to heats has been relaxed. Where heats are oversubscribed, horses with least amount of runs within the series will get preference (in the case of horses with equal runs a ballot will take place).

Al Jolson
Ayr Freedom
Blytheview JJ
Brywins Mayhem
Cash All
Ceiron JD
Coalford Insignia
Coffee Mate
Country Major
Father Ted
Finley Wells
GDs Hurricane
Hawthorns Melinda
Hilltop North Art
Ithon Orbit
Ladyford Warrior
Laneside Layla
Laughing Buck
Lyons Aceofspades
Lyons Comet
Lyons Saint Marys
Mahogany Charmer
Natalie Camden
Olivia Camden
Rhyds Girlpower
Rodney Camden
Soul Searcher
Springhill Calaburn
The Dark Destroyer
The Lion King
Wye Joels Best


Heat 1 – 12th May @ Tregaron
Heat 2 – 18th May @ Corbiewood
Heat 3 – 25th May @ Presteigne (WWHRA)
Heat 4 – 1st June @ Corbiewood
Heat 5 – 3rd June @ Amman Valley
Heat 6 – 9th June @ Tir Prince
Heat 7 – 10th June @ WWHRA
Heat 8 – 21st June @ Corbiewood
Heat 9 – 1st July @ Pikehall

Final – 14th July @ Tir Prince


Race conditions:

  • 9 Heats in total to be staged
  • A 10 Horse Final to be staged at Tir Prince on the 14th July 2018
  • All heats limited to track maximum (8 Horses Max)
  • Heat Entry Fee of £35
  • All heats are Ballot For Position
  • Where heats are oversubscribed, horses with least runs will be given priority. Entries will be balloted out if necessary to allow horses to enter in alternative races (horses marked in a heat that are a subsequent non-runner counts as one heat)
  • Heats winners automatically qualify for Final plus highest point earner to make the 10 horse final.
  • If any heat is cancelled or not staged final reverts to 8 horse race with heat winners only (if 2 or more heats are cancelled or not staged highest point scorers make up a 8 horse final)
  • Reserves for Final will be determined by points earned during the series (10 points for 2nd place, 6 points for 3rd place, 4 points for 4th and 2 points for 5th place), in the event of a tie on points and a reserve spot coming available, it will be drawn by ballot

Prize Structures (8 horses per heat):
9 Heats @ £780 (420/210/100/50)
Final: £6050 (3200/1600/800/300/150)