TIR PRINCE SCHEDULE 18th September 2021


BHRC Fillies Futurity – Entry Fee £0


BHRC Futurity Colts – Entry Fee £0


BHRC Derby – Entry Fee £0


BHRC Oaks – Entry Fee £0


Jayne Patterson Memorial Le Trot Junior Free For All 1.25 Miles – Entry Fee £0


Ephie Mather Memorial Le Trot Free For All 1.25 Miles – Entry Fee £0


Crock Of Gold Final £150 Entry Fee Guaranteed Purse of £5000 Horses Must Be Qualified to enter


Tir Prince Conditional Race for horses rated between 10 and 28 with a maximum of one lifetime win. Please note maidens will go off the gate and horses with one win will trail 10 yards. The race will be ballot for position. £50 Entry Fee (Minimum 8 Runners for the race to take place)


Tir Prince Raceway Junior Free For All £100 Entry Fee Minimum 8 Runners for the Race to Take Place


Tir Prince Raceway Conditional Open Preferred Handicap Entrants are notified that there may be more than 30 points between horses and the race will still be run as an Open Preferred Handicap. (Minimum 8 Runners for the race to take place).  £50 Entry Fee