TROTBritain Announcement


Le Trot 2018 : Message to Promoters

As a result of an increased budget from Le Trot, TROTBritain is pleased to be able to offer Le Trot races in all categories at all meetings that wish to stage them, subject to a minimum of 5 entries in a category, and promoter agreement.

In 2018 there will be three categories: 3yo races, 4yo races and 5yo+ races. (4yos will be placed in a 5yo+ race if there is not a 4yo race on the programme, or if it does not fill. The  4yo may be withdrawn before the card is printed if this is not acceptable. Or ‘4yo race only’ can be specified in advance.)

Our hope in 2018 is to have a minimum of 5 saddle races for the incoming 3yos and at least one saddle race in the other two categories.

Ideally promoters will simply offer ‘Le Trot races under standard Le Trot conditions’. If they wish, they may specify (email: how many and what category of races they would like to stage. We will publicise these, but  are not in a position to guarantee entries for any particular number of races in any particular category on any given occasion.