YORK PACT FIXTURE – Saturday 20th July


Notice to owners, trainers and drivers:
There are 16 races therefore working out will only be permitted before racing, NO working out during racing. All horses must be declared by 1pm prompt, to allow time for the stewards and commentator to be updated on any changes of driver etc. The ballot will take place at the paddock office at 1.15pm, the track will close for jogging at 1.30pm to allow for preparation of the track before racing commences promptly at 2pm. Would all trainers with horses in races 1 to 5 please return their number cloths to the designated area as soon as possible after they have raced as these number cloths will be required for later races. The management would appreciate assistance from owners, trainers and drivers by having their horses ready to come onto the track when called to keep the races running to the timed schedule. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and assistance.
Kind regards York Management