Please note Covid-19 restrictions will be in operation.

The gates will open 10-00, everyone attending, including all connections of horses and officials, must be registered to attend with the BHRC by no later than Thursday at 5-00 – there is strictly no admission if your name is not on the list at the entrance.

All individuals attending with horses must have a BHRC licence of some description and be registered in advance to attend.

Everybody will be required to be screened on arriving and asked to wear facial masks.

The advice is if you feel unwell before leaving for York, do not make the journey.

If testing positive you will not be permitted entry, however individuals can take another test after 30 mins, anybody travelling with someone testing positive will also be refused entry.

Once your day’s business has finished you are quested to leave the track as soon as possible – loitering is forbidden.

The restrictions may appear strict but we really must be seen to be doing everything possible to make your day as safe and healthy as possible.

Please bear in mind, anybody flouting the restrictions will put the day’s racing, even the season, in jeopardy.

Please note nobody under 15 will gain admission.

We know this is a difficult time, we all appreciate the vital role owners play in our sport, rest assured they will take priority when circumstances allow more people to attend.


Our restrictions are similar to those implemented by elite sporting bodies, promoters have sought advice and permission from higher authorities to make racing possible, we request you all act responsibly.

Please note the qualifying races and workouts will be screened on a pay per view platform, details of which will be given later in the week.

The sport thanks Mickey Welling for making this possible and is wished the best of luck.

Thank you so much for your cooperation, we can make this work.