2018 Fixtures



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22nd Sun Corbiewood – Quals & Work Outs
22nd Sun Amman Valley 11am – Quals & Work Outs
22nd Sun Evenwood @ Binchester – Cancelled
24th Tues Tir Prince 2pm – Quals & Work Outs
29th Sun Amman Valley 11am – Quals & Work Outs
29th Sun Evenwood @ Binchester – Quals & Work Outs

5th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – Anto Russell & SS 4YO
6th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
7th BH Mon Amman Valley 2pm
7th BH Mon Evenwood @ Darlington (near Teesside Airport)
12th Sat Tregaron 2pm – Senior Dragon & Spring Hcap
13th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
18th Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm
19th Sat Evenwood @ Darlington (near Teesside Airport)
20th Sun WWHRA @ Presteigne 2pm
24th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
25th Fri WWHRA @ Presteigne 5pm
27th Sun APPLEBY SPRING 1.30pm
28th BH Mon APPLEBY SPRING 1.30pm
28th BH Mon Amman Valley 2pm

1st Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm
3rd Sun APPLEBY NEW FAIR 1.30pm
3rd Sun Amman Valley 2pm
8th Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm
9th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – NWHOA 2YO, CoG Heat, Le Trot
10th Sun WWHRA @ Evenjobb 2pm
15th Fri Corbiewood 7.30pm – SHRC 3YO
16th Sat Cumberland Show @ Carlisle 4.30pm
17th Sun Cilmery 2pm – Heats & Final
17th Sun **Amman Valley 11am – Quals & Work Outs**
21st Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
24th Sun Hellifield 2.30pm – Hcap Heats & Final
24th Sun H&B HRC – Cancelled
28th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
30th Sat TIR PRINCE 7pm – NPF, NPD & BPC

1st Sun Pikehall 2pm – High & Low Grade Hcap
1st Sun Amman Valley 2pm
5th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
7th Sat CEREDIGION 1pm
8th Sun CEREDIGION 1pm
12th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
14th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – SS 3YO, CoG Heat
15th Sun NESA @ Wolsingham 2pm
15th Sun H&B HRC @ Ivington 2pm
19th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
20th Fri MUSSELBURGH 5.30pm – Hurricane Pace
21st Sat MUSSELBURGH 2pm – Famous Musselburgh Pace
22nd Sun H&B HRC @ Ivington 2pm
26th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
28th Sat TIR PRINCE 7pm – Breeders Crown & CoG Heat
28th Sat Pembridge 2pm
29th Sun Evenwood @ Binchester 2pm
29th Sun Amman Valley 2pm

2nd Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
3rd Fri **Corbiewood**
4th Sat **Corbiewood**
5th Sun Tan Y Castell 2pm
5th Sun Evenwood @ Binchester
9th Thu Corbiewood 7.30pm
11th Sat Pikehall
12th Sun H&B HRC @ Ivington 2pm
16th Thu Corbiewood 7pm
18th Sat Tir Prince 7pm – CoG Heat, STAGBI Mares
19th Sun Boughrood 1pm – Ladies Race, £2k Final
19th Sun Bells Field 1pm
20th Mon Scorton 6pm
23rd Thu Corbiewood 7pm
25th Sat TREGARON 1pm – Strata Florida, Junior Dragon, FFA
26th Sun TREGARON 1pm – Welsh Classic, Trot, Little Dragon
27th BH Mon BROUGH @ Appleby 1.30pm
27th BH MON Amman Valley 2pm
28th Tue Kilnsey 4.45pm
30th Thu Corbiewood 7pm

1st Sat Wolsingham 3.30pm
1st Sat Tir Prince 7pm – SS 2YO, Le Trot
2nd Sun Haugh Field 2pm
2nd Sun Lampeter 2pm – £1k Final
6th Thu Longnor 2pm
8th Sat TIR PRINCE 7pm – CoG Final, Billy Williams, Le Trot
8th Sat Stanhope 3.30pm
9th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
9th Sun WWHRA @ Almeley 2pm
15th Sat CORBIEWOOD 2pm – Murdoch Weekend
15th Sat WWHRA @ Almeley 1pm – Joint with WBCRA
16th Sun CORBIEWOOD 2pm – Murdoch Weekend
16th Sun EVHRA @ Wolsingham 2pm – Charity Event
22nd Sat Evenwood @ Binchester
23rd Sun Corbiewood 2pm
23rd Sun WWHRA @ Almeley 2pm
30th Sun Corbiewood 2pm

7th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
14th Sun Corbiewood 2pm
21st Sun Corbiewood 2pm

Previous Fixtures:
15th Sun Amman Valley – Quals & Work Outs – Cancelled
17th Tues Tir Prince – Quals & Work Outs – Cancelled

BH = Bank Holiday
* = Provisional Meetings
BC – Breeders Crown
CoG – Crock of Gold
SS – Sire Stakes
VDM – Vincent Delaney Memorial

December (2017)

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